Kingway Technical Institute

B.Ed. College Kulharia, Kaimur

(Aryabhatta Knowledge University)

Chairman Message

My Dear Students

A very warm welcome to you all to Kingway Technical Institute, B.Ed.College.

You have chosen to be teachers. It’s indeed a challenge and a great one tool. Very many Congratulation.

History speaks it all. Teachers ensure continuity. Teacher upholds vibrancy. Teacher guide and inspire. Teacher strike the human chord. Teachers shape the future keeping the quest for knowledge alive –themselves and through their dear student.

You have to prepare yourself for that.

Think, reflect, and make a beginning. Open yourself up to myriad ways of thinking… of learning and experiencing. Think, and think out of the box. Prepare yourselves for meaningful life and live it to its fullness through your dear students.

Concentrate and look within .set yourselves for an expedition into your deep self.Experiance, Explore and evolve. You’ll find the germ of creativity lying within –deep within ignite you thoughts, unleash you potential and grow into the role you have carved yourself for.

The challenges are great –equally refreshing: indeed transforming. Approach it to its fullness through sincerity, hard work and dedication.

Make a beginning and hesitate not. You can surely stand up to that. Believe me-you can indeed stand up to that.

    ( Chairman )