Kingway Technical Institute

B.Ed. College Kulharia, Kaimur

(Aryabhatta Knowledge University)

Medical Room & Physical Fitness Equipment

Multipurpose Hall

With a capacity to accommodate about 300 persons, the fully air-conditioned multipurpose hall is equipped with a mounted LCD projector, supportingcomputer terminal and the amplifying system.

Seminar Room

The seminar room with a seating capacity of nearly 50 persons is used for holding small group seminars and discussions. The seminar room is also used asan extended class room when there arises need to hold joint sessions. Portable LCD and other IT equipment can be used for making presentations etc. in the seminar room.

Class Rooms:

Besides a number of small rooms that are used for small groupinteractions, the college has 06 big classrooms each with a capacity to accommodate 50 learners. All the class rooms have basic furniture needed for the purpose.LCD, OHP etc. .


Colleges provide transport facilities to students with minimum charges.